Junior Surf

Kariaotahi Surf Club has a very popular and well run Junior Surf Programme. The Junior Surf programme is an integral part of our surf club activity and the future face and training ground for lifeguards. 

Children aged between 7-13 participate in organised activity that ensures they are surf and safety educated, leading into the Rookie Lifeguard Programme, which prepares these budding juniors so that they are confident to undertake the Surf Lifeguard Award at age 14.

The Junior Surf programme consists of a variety of activities including surf carnivals, risk management courses, parent coaching days and leads onto the Rookie Lifeguard Programme.  The Rookie Lifeguard Programme teaches the 12 and 13 year olds that have come up through the Junior Surf Programme about first aid and emergency care, radio operation, IRB operation and beach awareness. The Junior Surf and Rookie Lifeguard Programmes also involve the children competing in both land and water based events, culminating in the Northern Region Junior Surf Championships.  

In season 2002-03 the Junior Surf Members at Kariaotahi achieve 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, 1 Bronze medal for competing in different events at the Northern Region Junior Surf Champs. Currently there are 40 children involved in the Junior Surf Programme at Kariaotahi.

Junior Surf coaching courses are also run to train volunteer lifeguards how to coach the youngest members of the lifeguard service in beach safety, first aid, surf rescue, and competition activities. These courses are also available for the parents and helpers of Junior Surf, the programme also aids children’s personal development by encouraging them to work as a team, mix with adults and peers, and support one another, responsibility, and how to compete fairly.

The programme is instrumental in teaching the next generation of children how to keep our beaches safe during the summer and also to provide them with personal development skills.